Petworth House was owned in the middle ages by the famed Percy family, one of the wealthiest families in North england. 1682 when the house was inherited by Elizabeth Seymour (married to Charles Seymour), the house underwent an impressive remodelling in a French baroque style. After a fire in 1714, further remodelling took place - most notably Louis Laguerre was commissioned to paint a magnificent series of murals for the grand staircase. As a result, the house is in itself is truly a work of art.

The landscaped park, known as Petworth Park is one of the most famous in England, largely due to the number of depictions seen in Turner’s paintings. Today it’s mostly visited for viewing fallow deer in their natural environment and for watching cricket matches in the summertime.

Things to see and do

  1. Watch Cricket in Petwork Park

    Petwork Park Cricket Club hosts matches and tournaments throughout the summer which members of the public are welcome to watch.

  2. Admire the extensive art collection

    Throughout Petworth House you can see a fine collection of art produced by George Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont between 1751-1837. The collection features many original works by his good friend J.M.W Turner.

  3. Deer Spotting

    Fallow deer have called Petworth Park home for over 500 years. With the largest herd in England, Petworth Park is one of the best locations for deer spotting in the country.