"Press Reset" Wellbeing Day
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"Press Reset" Wellbeing Day

Kate Chaytor Norris is a nutritional therapist, living in North Yorkshire with her three children and fulfilling her passion not only for cooking and producing good food but for her work. She is a warm and enthusiastic ambassador for women’s health and we are  delighted that she will be holding one of her workshops in Petworth.

Nutritional Therapy focusses upon all aspects of nutrition and health from both an holistic and scientific perspective and helps us work towards being and feeling better than we ever thought possible.

During her work Kate has found herself specialising in women’s health both during and post menopause and most importantly in the prevention of illness especially where high levels of stress are prevalent. Her workshop will give you an insight into how the scientific functions of the body need to be nurtured in a way that helps your body do its job…. remember your body wants to be well and your health and happiness is its biggest ally.

We have teamed up with Kate & The Leconfield to offer a one day course designed to help you rest, relax and reset. On arrival at 9am you will receive a light breakfast and fresh fruit juice before the first part of the workshop takes place in the beautiful surroundings of the vaulted Stag Room in The Leconfield.  

Light snacks, coffee as well as lunch with a choice of champagne or cocktail will be served at The Angel Inn and there will be opportunities for one on one discussion.

Your day will also include a goody bag containing recipe cards and other inspiration to take away with you.

£135 per person

To book call 01798 344445 or email reservations@angelinnpetworth.co.uk

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